16 Christmas gifts for the Yoga lover in your life

1 –  A gift to impress: the complete set

You would think that they have it already, but colour-coated? I think not.

2 – Or a very top of the line, extra dense mat

A treat for someone special.

3 – A deep massage for the back, to relax and practice better

Just roll on it…

4 – A heavyweight blanket for the Shavasana

A blankie is always a welcome gift.

5 – A new bag, with enough space and pockets to store everything with ease

A practical gift.

6 – Socks don’t seem like a *good* gift, but they actually are

Soft, warm, hand knit Yoga socks.

7 – Or these very professional looking ones

No slips, no fails.

8 – Legwarmers, a Winter miracle

The freedom of doing the practice in shorts, without freezing to death.

9 – For the expert practitioner, the Yoga Swing

Really improve the practice.

10 – A full set of balls, different colours for different uses

No pun here, sorry, they’re really cool.

11 – Or just the one ball, to sit at work or to practice chair Yoga

I hear it’s Heaven sent for the back.

12 – Talking about chairs, the Spoko meditation stool is a great gift

Helps the backs, helps the knees.

13 – The headstand is a challenge unless you make it easy

OMG, how cool is that?

14 – Or maybe, just some fun stuff

Like this towel.

15 – Or this shirt, perfect for the practice

At least, we try.

16 – And, of course, we finish with wine (glasses)

This is my type of Yoga, actually.

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16 Christmas gift for the Yoga lover in your life