18 home gym essentials strength training

1 – We’ll be remiss if we didn’t put in a bag

A good Sport Gym Bag

2 – Another essential, shoes. Shoes are so important

Choose your colour, no pressure.

3 – Now, a good quality sport bra is everything

Trust me on this.

4 – You have to have a set of *adjustable* dumbbells – keyword adjustable, people

One pair, lots of different weights.

5 – Oops, we almost forgot. Flooring! An exercise mat for your home gym

It protects your existing floor and your equipment.

6 – Kettlebells are the s*it for strength training

This is a set.

7 – Don’t like a set? Ok, we picked a single one, too, just for you!

I’m afraid you have to select the right weight, though.

8 – There are adjustable kettlebells too, you know?

And we are done with kettlebells.

9 – If you want to try something different, a battle rope is what you could choose

I heard it’s quite something.

10 – Back to the classics, an olympic barbell!

Hot stuff.

11 – And the plates to go with the barbell

Choose your weight!

12 – Never forget leg day


13 – If you really want to challenge yourself, try a sling

Looks easy, right? It’s all in the core, abs for days!

14 – Back to earth, a power tower

Again, abs for days.

15 – If you have the money to splurge, a multifunction steel home gym is what you need


Legs, arms, a nice all-in-one.

16 – In general, though, you would need a bench

It’s good for your back.

17 – Sorry, but look how cool this is

It has e*v*e*r*y*t*h*i*n*g! 

18 – We finish with another essential of the essentials: the racks

Like this one for the barbell plates.

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18 home gym essentials strength training