21 essentials of Crossfit™ at home for beginners

1 – Start from the bottom, you are going to need the right shoes

Like these, for women

2 – We got you covered, my men

No worries.

3 – And socks


4 – Moving up, protect your knees

Knees are people too.

5 – Up, up, you know you need pants

They say these are men only.

6 – Apparently, women got to be sexy

It’s a rule.

7 – Or fugly.

Yet, functional.

8 – Sometimes, you get to have pockets, at least

Moving on…

9 – Being serious, you NEED a good sport bra


10 – Look how cool this shirt is, though.

It’s a compressor one, your muscles are gonna pop.

11 – If you want to be able to do your job the day after your WOD, you surely should protect your hands

Those ropes are something else.

12 – Done with the clothing, let’s talk about equipment. Here’s a box


13 – A ball

A big medicine ball.

14 – A rope

A battle rope.

15 – A bar

An Olympic bar.

16 – And plates

For the bar.

17 – Try a suspension training WOD,  maybe?

It does wonder for your core.

18 – And def try the kettlebell’s WOD


19 – And dumbbells

The adjustable ones are great.

20 – Put a ring on it

Or two.

21 – A bike to assault

and conquer, I guess.

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21 essentials of Crossfit™ at home for beginners