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25 Harry Potter things to buy and gift ideas

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1 – The wand set collectibles it’s a must

Don’t you deny it.

2 – Do we even have to think about it? It’s the freaking Hermione’s Time Turner 

I physically need it. To live.

3 – The Marauder’s Map we all waited for

It’s a tapestry!

4 – If you like chess, you’ll love this set



5 – You cannot go wrong with the Hogwarts Castle

Especially ‘cause it’s LEGO!

6 – The scarf of your House, for when it’s chillin’ outside

Not just for Slytherins, promise.

7 – When you feel like writing down deep thoughts about the future of the wizard’s world and you can’t just use a regular notebook

Available for all the Houses, obv.

8 – You can hardly write without a pen

Not a quill, but cute.

9 – Not as common as it used to, but still quite classy

And a must-have for every wizard worthy of its name.

10 – Knowing someone who loves the HP Universe and needs to relax? A colouring book!

Not just for children

11 – Even muggle can do magic! Sort of…

Maaaagiiiic wiiineeee.

12 – Or a morphing mug, uh?

Maaaagiiic cooofffeeee.

13 – Ever wondered what that delicious *slugs* would taste like?

No? Just me?

14 – Not a slug, but a wonderfully creepy evil snake named Nagini

Weird flex, but ok.

15 – Talking about wonderful animals, Hedwig will always remain in our hearts

We miss you.

16 – Remeber the Hermione’s Yule Ball Earrings? You can have them!

Uh, so pretty!

17 – Talking about pretty, this is magnificent: the Ravenclaw diadem


18 – Not sure if it is still a Horcrux, tbh

I suppose we just have to trust Harry, on this one.

19 – This diary does NOT write back to you, apparently.

Still, you don’t have to murder it, though.

20 – This map is almost as good as the magic one

For muggles, at least.

21 – And you can even play Quidditch, with this set

Up your broom and fly away!

22 – Narcissa Malfoy’s wand and you can cast spells with it!

In the Wizarding World, at least.

23 – Or the one of Professor Severus Snape, maybe


24 – And if you own two wands, you need a stand for them

For display.

25 – And we finish with Bellatrix Lestrange on a mug with a mugshot


Reward not included.

25 Harry Potter things to buy and gift ideas​