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31 jewellery gifts for the Harry Potter fan in your life

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1 – In a display or around your neck, the symbol of the Deathly Hallows is everything

 deathly hallow

It rotates.

2 – The magnificent diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw

I can see why someone would store their soul in it.

3 – A dream of mine is to have a *real* Time Turner, but I guess this have to suffice

Being a muggle and such.

4 – Really charming, this charm bracelet

Pun intended.

5 – I must admit, I have a soft spot for these kinds of bracelets

They just look so cool.

6 – Aren’t these cute? Not properly HP, but they kind of remind me of Hedwig

So cute.

7 – For a more canon choice, here you go

Six cute pairs.

8 – And if you want something really special, the Yule Ball ones are just the thing

to make you feel like that.

9 – Happiness in a bottle, because just owning this necklace will make you happy


10 – You never forget your first… Horcrux

Or what you had to do to acquire it.

11 – The Nimbus 2000! Awesome!

I wouldn’t recommend riding it.

12 – A keychain for every occasion: wands, badges, the Snitch, the Time Turner!

And a ring, too.

13 – It’s a Deluminator alright!

Click clik

14 – It’s Leviòsa not Leviosà!

Got it!

15 – Bring your wand always with you, hide it away

Nobody will ever know.

16 – Or maybe you want the set and show off a new one every day

‘Cause why not?

17 – To have this set you don’t even have to deal with goblins

Unless you absolutely want to.

18 – This one belonged to Helga Hufflepuff, but you can’t drink out of it, they say

I’m lowkey putting all the Horcrux in this list. I have my reasons.

19 – Look at this locket, is it maybe the one that belonged to none other than Salazar Slytherin?

I’m not very good at this.

20 – Listen, the sword deserves to be here too, ok?

Don’t fight me on this.

21 – What about a crest pin set of all the Houses?

I like pins.

22 – Or bookmarks! Love me a pretty bookmark

And here there are the Horcruxes again. I just like them, ok?

23 – The TriWizard Cup, want to prove if you can survive?

It lights up.

24 – Oh, look, the Tom Riddle’s diary!

We are almost done.

25 – Nothing says “Harry Potter” like the glasses and the scar

Except, maybe, Harry Potter.

26 – I will cross it, one day…

I will cross that platform…

27- Hogwarts in our hearts

Hogwarts is home.

28 – “After all this time?” “Always”

I still don’t like him, sue me

29 – To receive a letter via owl, what would I give

Still waiting…

30 – It was all their fault, basically: the Deathly Hallows

deathly hallow

Wouldn’t you like to be the Master of Death, uh?

31 – Expecto Patronum!

What’s yours?

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